Sunday, April 1, 2012

Freedom, Crocheted Soap Dishes and Update!

So as I was updating my selling accounts on Etsy and opening a new account on Zibbet I realized my blog is VERY outdated!

For starters:
I was approved for the disability that I wrote about before - Praise the Lord!

While searching for some images for my banner on new site on Zibbet,  I came across a "soap mat" and realized that my idea has spread and there are some others out there with different designs.

It is wonderful that others like the idea and have created their own slightly different version. I too had the idea when I became frustrated with regular soap dishes and the accumulation of soap scum/slime. I searched for a pattern online and there was only one. It wasn't what I was looking for so I started experimenting using some different stitches until I came up with one I like, thus the creation of the crocheted soap dish/soap mat with stitches that allow the air to flow through so soap dries; saving money too! The soap in the picture above may be purchased at PureHeartSoap. Below are just a few examples of sets.

We live in a terrific county with the freedom to create, sell and purchase from anyone we desire. Crochet is interesting because there is so much creativity involved and you can just make a slight change and it no longer is the same pattern, making it difficult to copyright.There is also a feeling of comradery between crocheters, that we love to share :)   I wish my competitors well and many sales and as a side note to freedom,. I also hope that we choose a President this year who is committed to upholding our "blessing of liberty" as well.

God Bless You!

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