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Today I read a blog that mentioned one of my tweets. 
As I read the blog and the information presented, I could not deny that some of what was written was true, but I am one that likes to see things for myself, I have to look a little further, as I also hope you will too, as I explain what I saw and how I feel about it. 

The information given by the blogger was to show what has been tweeted, blogged, etc. over and over again by some past and present Zibbet shop owners; that there was involvement with a scam by one of the CEO's. This person provided a link to the webpage of the business site that sold Dinar and referred to the ABN at the bottom of the page to link and prove the CEO's involvement. There was reference to the date at the top of the webpage in order to correlate it to the referenced CEO's statement of profit for a successful e-commerce site in that same year (2006). 

What I found out is this:

The webpage link in the blog is an archived webpage, see here:

The linked site was provided by WayBackMachine and if you click on the blogger's link as shown above, without realizing, it gives the impression they are still in business. It is not a live site, and if you type in the actual website address alone you will get: 

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Jonathan openly admits his involvement (in the bloggers screenshot) in what was legal in Australia at the time (2006) hence the reason he has an ABN (Australian Business Number). He also references two websites, one of which speaks to the real risks of buying dinar. He openly stated in 2010 that he had not been involved with this business for 3 years, which also corresponds with WayBackMachines last crawled date of the website (7-18-2006).

What I do know is this:
  • It happened 8 years ago.
  • The website is no longer live.
  • He referenced a site that actually warns people in his response of 2010. 
  • He no longer has that business. 
That was then, this is now.

What I also know is that my experience with Zibbet has been that the CEO's operate with integrity. I have reported questionable sites that either resell or mass produce and after Zibbet investigated they have been removed.

What I know is that when I purchased a lifetime premium account I was buying the services that were currently being offered at the time. I was paying to use their site to sell my goods...period. I could have continued selling for free, no one twisted my arm to buy a premium account. That decision was mine and I take responsibility for it and the risk assumed. Anytime you use someone else's site, you are taking a risk and I believe the risk is worth the peace of mind I have at Zibbet.

Yes, the assurances of a rebuild were encouraging, BUT that is not what I paid for. I pay to use their site, a site that supports handmade and works hard to keep resellers out. A site where the administration is available to answer questions, that is excellent at communicating, accepts responsibility for mistakes and keeps us informed. A site where they are respectful of the shopowners and endeavor to maintain respect in the forums and as such the shop owners are helpful and friendly.

Until I am shown that there is a loss of integrity NOW with the CEO's, I will not hold something that happened 8 years ago against someone.  I would hate for someone to hold what I did in the past against me now if I am not operating in that way presently and until I see differently, I will take them as they are now. 

I also don't believe it is wrong to take a retreat and/or have enjoyment while working. I am a believer that the occasional retreat refreshes and revitalizes thinking, causes a great deal of creativity. 

Would it be right for your customers to criticize how you spend the money they paid you for your items that you worked hard at? 

I have been forgiven much and as such must be forgiving. I do not know what his motivations were at the time, and until I have walked a mile in his shoes, I will not presume.


PS. If you would like the mentioned blog link that I am referring to, please message me. 

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  1. Terri, this is very well-written. So nice to "hear" from you, lol.