Zibbet's new website is here!

Hope you will come and check out the site for true handmade, vintage, fine art and supplies~


Here are just some of the terrific features the new site has:

  • Manage multiple shops under one login!
  • Guest Checkout
  • Create shipping rules within the listing page, as you go!
  • Etsy Importer
  • New banner size for shops - 1048 x 200! (Please don't upload until after launch)
  • Clear, crisp pictures.
  • Batch Editing of Shipping Profiles and Shop Sections.


    1. I will certainly take a look at your shop, Terri! How are you. I miss you!!! Congrats on the upcoming re-launch. Look forward to seeing your shop.

      1. Sandi, I miss you too!!!!
        I still have your artwork up for CFZ (I hope you don't mind).
        Monday, July 28th is the official day!